Blackhawk Basketball Society is a new non-profit organization intended to assist all current youth and varsity programs with communication, consistency and funding. BBS simply brings opportunity and continuity in fair and clear ways to any team or booster program who wishes to embrace the value of growing athletes from the youngest to the oldest in the sport of basketball. BBS supports boys AND girls programs at every level.

Follow the Society

To find information on:

  • Team Schedules
  • Camps
  • Events
  • Scores
  • Celebrations

The Blackhawk Basketball Society has Facebook and Instagram social media accounts to offer players, fans, and families a single source for information from every level of the Blackhawk Basketball Program. Coaches will provide info. Fans will provide cheers. Players will provide exciting wins.

Instagram @blackhawkbasketballsociety
Facebook @blackhawkbasketballsociety

How can you become involved?

  1. Follow BBS on social media.
  2. Attend and support the Halloween Hustle and the Derby Party.
  3. Set a great example as a parent and fan.

How will this impact my student athlete?

  1. Your student athlete will receive clarity on the expectations of a Blackhawk Basketball player at every stage of the program.
  2. Practice and plays will be coordinated by input from varsity coaches for all youth programs.
  3. Parents will gain a better understanding on the scheduling and commitment for each team involved.

The Outdoor Courts

BBS has voted to provide a majority of the funding for refurbishing The Outdoor Courts at Blackhawk Intermediate School. The project is being headed by BCCI/BAAG who have graciously offered the time to manage and launch the effort. The project will include cutting edge resurfacing, new hoops and hardware, fresh fencing, upgraded lighting, and coach inspired design. Additional financial support is very welcome and can be coordinated